Feb 14

Trash/Recycling Cart Exchange

Trash / Recycle Update Cart Exchange The Township of Spring recently awarded new five-year trash and recycling collection contracts. As part of these new contracts, we have changed to a toter collection system and have provided to each tax parcel with a dwelling unit on the parcel, one (1) 96 gallon trash and one (1) …

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Feb 14

Trash/Recycling – Additional Carts

Trash Carts (Single Family Dwelling & Multi-Unit Dwelling): The Township has recently provided you with one 96 Gallon Cart for your curbside trash collection service.       During the first six weeks of the new collection program, we have been contacted by a number of our residents to request additional carts for trash and …

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Jan 11

Top 10 Tips for Safe Winter Traveling

  Over 445,000 people are injured and nearly 6,000 killed in weather-related crashes in the U.S. every year  Winter weather, like snow and ice create dangerous conditions for travel that require proactive measures to ensure safety and minimize risks.  These 10 winter safety tips can help you and your family prepare for hazardous conditions.

Jan 04

Pre-Settlement Inspections 2018 – Application Submission and Fee Increase

A message from J. Aaron Wozniak, Director of Zoning and Codes Enforcement

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Jan 02

An Important Message from Pennsylvania American Water

With extremely cold weather in the forecast, Pennsylvania American Water reminds customers to take necessary measures to prevent frozen household pipes. Protect your home by wrapping exposed pipes with insulation and eliminate sources of cold air near any waterlines. We also recommend allowing a small trickle of water to run overnight to keep pipes from …

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Dec 14


Please be advised that over the next few weeks, you will be seeing some changes with the Trash and Recycling Collection process here in the Township. Beginning January 1, 2018, there will be two different trash and recycling haulers traversing the Township on a daily basis as a result of the recently awarded five-year trash …

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Nov 02

Township Comprehensive Plan Community Survey

As part of the update to the Suburban Berks West Joint Comprehensive Plan, the Committee is requesting that Township residents complete a Community Survey.

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Sep 25

“Let’s be #stormwatersmartPA”

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is working to raise stormwater awareness across the state with a variety of outreach efforts.   We want Pennsylvanians informed of the pollution caused by stormwater runoff and steps they can take to reduce it.  Be Stormwater Smart.  Click to watch a short video from Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection .  

Aug 01

Stormwater Pollution Plans

Under the Pennsylvania’s MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems) Program, Spring Township must apply for renewal of its 5-year Stormwater Permit. The application must include plans showing how the Township proposes to reduce pollutants in impaired watercourses. These plans must be available for public inspection for a period of 30 days. The Township has several …

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Jul 11

Berks County Comprehensive Plan Update Public Survey

The Berks County Planning Commission is in the process of updating the current County Comprehensive Plan. Over the next month the Berks County Planning Commission will be soliciting citizen input on community perceptions, needs, and issues impacting future growth. Citizen input is extremely important as the comprehensive plan can affect every resident’s way of life. …

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