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Autumn – the season between summer and winter; a time for change both in nature and in people. For Mother Nature it means the amount of daylight will begin to noticeably decrease, the temperatures will begin to cool down and the leaves will begin to fall. For us humans, the standard vacation season is over, school and fall sports practices will begin and we will return to our over-scheduled daily routines that we call life. Fear not, the Parks and Recreation Department has scheduled some great programs, trips and events to provide you some opportunities to “get away” from it all.

Whether you want to participate with your family members or all by yourself, we have a program for you. From Adult Power Volleyball and 35+ Basketball to a Kids Cooking and Baking Workshop, we’ve got you covered.

Getting out and experiencing all that Mother Nature has to offer is a great way to take a “mini-stay-cation”. Join us as we take a stroll through Shiloh Hills Park to watch the sun set and the moon rise or meet us at Blue Marsh Lake to watch the hawks, falcons and eagles soar over the lake. If you are interested in learning how to navigate the old fashioned way with a map and a compass, be sure to register for “Orienteering for Beginners”. This program is great for families or individuals. Although these programs are free of charge, the experiences will be priceless!

An even better way to “get away” would be a trip to an aquarium, zoo, museum or amusement park. We will continue to have certain tickets available through the end of the year. Be sure to read the fine print on the next page to determine the specific ticket expiration dates.

And don’t forget, our parks are open year round and are waiting for your visit! One of the benefits of a fall visit to the parks is that they will change color from day to day so it will be a whole new experience each time. The parks can be enjoyed alone or in groups and in any type of weather!

We look forward to seeing you in our parks and programs!

Judy Houck, CPRP
Director of Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities/Assistant Public Works Director


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