Dec 19

Berks County Conservation District Spotted Lanternfly Control Program

The Berks County Conservation District will be offering a Spotted Lanternfly Control Program to interested private property owners throughout the county. The overall objective is to reduce the number of Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) by treating and eliminating one of the invasive insects’ preferred host trees, the Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima).  Several Tree of Heaven trees will be left and treated with systemic insecticides to provide control of Spotted Lanternfly.  Our program will concentrate on privately owned property in areas of Berks County with higher concentrations of Spotted Lanternfly and Tree of Heaven.


*Not every property will be approved for financial assistance in treating for SLF.  There will be a ranking system to prioritize projects.  BCCD will rank requests to determine which properties serve as a greater risk and therefore are given priority.

*Larger properties or a contiguous group of properties will be ranked higher, but neighboring properties can benefit by being joined together with a single liaison for the project.


Below is an Assistance Request form for anyone who qualifies and is interested in applying for assistance.
Assistance Request Form