May 07

New State Hill – Berkshire Mall 69kV Tie Construction

Crews working for PPL Electric Utilities soon will begin important work to build a new underground transmission line near your property. This project is necessary to improve electric service for you and your neighbors throughout the region. Without the new line, thousands of customers in the region could potentially face long outages in the event of a transmission system problem.

Construction is expected to start in May and be completed in December 2019. Construction will occur almost entirely within the public right of way within the street. Crews will work by sections to limit traffic disturbance as much as possible. Traffic restrictions and flaggers will be used throughout construction.

Building the new line will involve many phases of construction, including: transporting equipment to the work locations; creating work zones; digging a trench in the roadway; installing wires and conduit underground; pouring concrete; and lastly, restoration of the right of way.

At both end of the lines, crews will install an above ground structure for the line to transition from underground to above ground. For your convenience, a map of the line has been included below,..
Every effort will be made to avoid disturbing you and your property. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Construction will involve the use of heavy equipment. For your safety, please do not approach crews while they are operating equipment on or near your property.

The PPL system is becoming more reliable every year, minimizing the number of power outages for you and your neighbors. This work is part of our continuing effort to be among the most reliable electric companies in the nation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 817-975-7099 or email:

Jonathan Scott
Lead Right of Way Agent