2024 Budget / Tax Structure

Township of Spring 2024 Budget & Tax Structure

The Director of Financial Services recommends the Board of Supervisors adopt Resolution 2023-21 to approve the 2024 budget in the amount of$39,189,913.

In the 2024 budget, the general-purpose real estate tax millage will increase .25 mills to 3.25 mills or $325.00 for every $100,000 of assessed property value.

The fire protection millage will increase .25 mills to 1.70 or $170.00 for every $100,000 of assessed property value.

The Street Light tax rates will remain at $.67 per front foot improved property and $.167 per front foot unimproved property for those properties residing within a street light service area.

The Fire Hydrant tax will remain at .06 mills or $6 for every $100,000 of assessed value on a property for those properties serviced by the Township’s fire hydrant system.

Fees for service for trash and recycling increase in the 2023 budget from $240/$165/$85 for trash and $70 for recycling to $265/$185/$95 for trash and $80 for recycling.

Fees for service for wastewater treatment (sewer) will remain at $32.64 for the first 2,500 gallons of monthly usage. Excess usage costs will remain at $.9056/100 gallons above 2,500.


Adoption of the 2024 tax structure – Resolution 2023-21:


       Real Estate                           –           3.25 mills – (.00325)

            Real Estate Transfer Tax     –              ½ of 1% of the valuation of the taxable real estate transfers

  Street Lighting                      –          $.67/front foot improved and $.167/front foot unimproved

               Fire Hydrant Tax                 –           .06 mills – (.00006)

                Earned Income Tax            –           ½ of 1% of all taxable earned income

                Business Privilege Tax       –           at rates set forth in Resolution #83-16
                                                                           Adopted May 23, 1983

                Mercantile Tax                    –         at rates set forth in Resolution #83-15
                                                                           Adopted May 23, 1983

                Local Services Tax                 –      $47.00 – Ordinance #348
                                                                         Adopted  November 13, 2007

                Trash Collection Tax              –        $95 per household with single occupancy

                                                           –        $185 per household with double occupancy

                                                           –        $265 per household with 3 or more occupants

Only those households within the trash Collection districts of the Township of Spring

Recycling Tax                              –         $ 80.00 per dwelling unit per year

Fire Protection Tax                      –          1.45 mills – (.00145)

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