Budget/Tax Structure

Township of Spring 2023 Budget & Tax Structure

The Director of Financial Services recommends the Board of Supervisors adopt Resolution 2023-21 to approve the 2024 budget in the amount of $39,189,913.

In the 2024 budget, the general-purpose real estate tax millage will increase .25 mills to 3.25 mills or $325.00 for every $100,000 of assessed property value.

The fire protection millage will increase .25 mills to 1.70 or $170.00 for every $100,000 of assessed property value.

The Street Light tax rates will remain at $.67 per front foot improved property and $.167 per front foot unimproved property for those properties residing within a street light service area.

The Fire Hydrant tax will remain at .06 mills or $6 for every $100,000 of assessed value on a property for those properties serviced by the Township’s fire hydrant system.

Fees for service for trash and recycling remain at $265/$185/$95 for trash and $80 for recycling.

Fees for service for wastewater treatment (sewer) will remain at $32.64 for the first 2,500 gallons of monthly usage. Excess usage costs will remain at $.9056/100 gallons above 2,500.

Adoption of the 2024 tax structure – Resolution 2023-21:

Real Estate3.25 mills – (.00325)
Real Estate Transfer Tax½ of 1% of the valuation of the taxable real estate transfers
Street Lighting$.67/front foot improved and $.167/front foot unimproved
Fire Hydrant Tax.06 mills – (.00006)
Earned Income Tax½ of 1% of all taxable earned income
Business Privilege TaxAt rates set forth in Resolution #83-16 (Adopted May 23, 1983)
Mercantile Taxat rates set forth in Resolution #83-15 (Adopted May 23, 1983)
Local Services Tax$47.00 – Ordinance #348 Adopted (November 13, 2007)
Trash Collection Tax$95 per household with single occupancy
$185 per household with double occupancy
$265 per household with more than double occupancy

Only those households within the trash Collection districts of the Township of Spring

Recycling Tax$80.00 per dwelling unit per year
Fire Protection Tax1.7 mills – (.00170)

Business Department FAQ

Berks County Assessment Office (610) 478-6262 or Email: assessment@countyofberks.com

Real Estate Taxes, Earned Income Tax, Business Privilege Tax, Real Estate Transfer Tax and Cable Franchise Fee are among the higher sources of revenue.

Annual Financial Reports are available at the Township Business Office, 2850 Windmill Road, Reading PA 19608

Wilson School District at 610-670-0180.

Depending on the type of complaint you are calling about you would want to contact that department directly. Property Maintenance complaints must be completed in writing by using the form in the Documents Section of this website under Property Maintenance or completing the form in person at the Municipal Building.

Please contact the Business Office 610-678-5393 and listen for the prompt.

Township and County Real Estate Taxes are issued in March and can be paid at the Township of Spring Tax Collector Office located at 2850 Windmill Road or through the mail.

Wilson School Taxes and Per Capita Taxes issued in June can be paid at the Fulton Bank or thru the mail.

2024 Township Tax Structure3.25 mills (0.00325)
Fire Protection Tax1.45 mill (0.00145)
Street Light Tax$0.67/front foot improved
$.167/front foot unimproved
Fire Hydrant Tax0.06 mill (0.00006)
Recycling Fee$80.00
Trash Collection Tax1 Person = $95.00
2 People = $185.00
3 People = $265.00
Only households in the trash collection district
Township of Spring 2023 Budget & Tax Structure