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CodeRED®Emergency Notification System

Notification System CodeRED® is a new service by which municipal officials can notify local residents and businesses by telephone about emergency situations or critical community alerts. The system is capable of sending messages only to people affected by a particular situation, or, in the case of a widespread emergency like severe weather, to the area’s entire population.

The speed of the CodeRED®system (up to 50,000 calls per hour) is so great that municipal officials are able to send a message to affected households almost as quickly as officials become aware of the situation. Local officials try to keep our data base as current and accurate as possible. If there are any changes to be made to your residence information or you would like additional information, simply click the CodeRED® links below and follow the instructions

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About Emergency Communications Network

Emergency Communications Network Inc. (ECN) provides affordable high-speed notification solutions capable of reaching millions of citizens in minutes. ECN’s sophisticated network supports a web-based product suite featuring CodeRED® which enables local government officials to communicate time-sensitive, personalized messages via voice, email and text messaging. For more information about Emergency Communications Network, visit

CodeRED® Mobile Alert App Receives Upgrade to Improve Community Notification

Thomas Bausher, Emergency Management Coordinator West Side Regional Emergency Management Agency Serving Twp of Spring, Boroughs of Sinking Spring

West Reading, and Wyomissing
301 Monroe Ave, West Lawn, PA 19609
Phone: 610.898.8060 fax 610.898.8054

Residents in West Side Regional EMA, including the Boro of Sinking Spring will receive enhanced public safety alerts through the recently released version of the public safety app – CodeRED Mobile Alert. The app is provided through the WSREMA existing contract with Emergency Communications Network, LLC.

The new version of the app, which is a free download for iPhone and Android subscribers, will allow residents the ability to view all active alerts for the entire country. This ability was previously limited to a 500-mile radius of the subscriber’s current location and has since been expanded to a 5,000-mile radius. As subscribers navigate to view alerts outside of the area, they now have the option to simply tap the compass icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to return them to their current location.

The enhanced app features group badge icons on the subscriber’s setting page to alert the user to select the types of subgroup notifications available. The enhancement was made to draw attention to the subgroups of alerts available as part of the CodeRED Mobile Alert app’s highly customizable settings. To select subgroups, the user must tap on the icon, which will reveal additional alerts available.

The upgraded version of the CodeRED Mobile Alert app will enhance public safety by giving subscribers the ability to see alerts outside of their current area. “If we have a resident traveling outside of the Sinking Spring or Berks County area, they can access active alerts that may have been issued in other CodeRED communities and continue to be informed.

Residents who would like access to the enhanced CodeRED Mobile Alert must update their current CodeRED Mobile Alert app. For iPhone subscribers, the user may visit their App Store and search for Updates. For Android subscribers, the user will receive a notification that an upgrade is available for the app.

The upgraded version of the CodeRED Mobile Alert app comes at no additional cost to the WSREMA current contract with Emergency Communications Network.

We encourage all our residents who have smartphones to download the app. The app enables us to send notifications to only those citizens in the affected area of the alert, reducing false alarm, The app is available for a free download on the iTunes store and Google Play. For more information or to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, visit

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CodeRed Database/Calls FAQ

Yes. If they would like to submit additional information, such as cell phone numbers, text and email information, they must visit your website and click on the Logo. CodeRED always de-duplicates by phone number, so if they are unsure if they are registered, they should just submit their information again. This will ensure they are in the database!

If there is no answer and they do not have an answering device, the number will be attempted up to 3 times.

If they answer and do not say hello,CodeRED® will not begin playing automatically. It is trying to determine if it has reached a live person or answering device. If they do not say anything, it will hang up and retry the number in the next pass of the non-connected numbers.

CodeRED® will leave a message on an answering device.

There are many different brands and types of capturing devices for leaving a message. Occasionally something about the answering device or the beep of the device causes the system to think it has reached a live person and begins playing the message. When the message is left, it only leaves part of the message. They can call back the 866-419-5000 and receive the entire message. This does not happen often. We are calling approximately 23,000 records. There is a chance that they may get a few of these.

If they have a ring back tone, which plays a song instead of ringing, the system will interpret this as an Operator Intercept and hang up, only to retry the number. They have two options. They can remove the ring back tone or they can contact their cell phone provider and request that the phone number 866-419-5000 for CodeRED be bypassed by this feature.

Uncheck the managed account box so they cannot set up a managed account. If they are calling you to get their information put in the CNE link then they must not have internet access to manage their account.