Codes Enforcement Staff

Code Enforcement Staff

J. Aaron Wozniak -Building Code Official/Zoning Official/Sewage Enforcement Officer

Aaron became an employee of the Township in January 2004. He is a licensed Sewage Enforcement Officer (#02978) and a certified building inspector (#000767).  He attained a Master Planner certificate from the BCCD. His responsibility as the Township’s SEO includes administration and enforcement of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act 537. He conducts soil testing for the placement of on-lot septic systems, and issues the on-lot septic permits. As Code Enforcement Officer, he is responsible for administration and enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code Act 45. He issues zoning decisions, building permits and conducts residential and commercial building inspections. Additional responsibilities include responding to property maintenance complaints and enforcing compliance with Township ordinances. Aaron can be reached at ext. 119.

Jennifer Bensinger –  Code Enforcement Officer

Jennifer became an employee of the Township in May 2004 as a summer intern assisting with various mapping projects. After graduating with Honors from Kutztown University in the Applied Geography tract, Jen was hired into the Code Enforcement Department in January of 2005.  Since being hired into the Code Enforcement Department, Jen has achieved several certifications including the Building Code Official Certification, Residential Building Inspector Certification, Residential Mechanical Inspector and Residential Energy Inspector and Plans Examiner.  Jen’s focus is assisting the Building Code Official / Zoning Officer Aaron Wozniak with residential plan reviews and permitting as well as Residential Building Inspections.

Randy S. Rubright – Enforcement Officer

Randy became a full-time employee of the Township in August 2007. He is responsible for conducting Property Transfer Inspections on residential properties.  Randy also investigates property maintenance issues.  Additionally, Randy is the Parking Enforcement Officer for the Township of Spring.

Joette LawlessCodes Administrative Assistant

Joette became an employee of the Township in February 2007. She is also a licensed Pennsylvania Notary. Joette accepted the position as Building Code / Zoning Official administrative assistant bringing five years of municipal experience to this position.

As the administrative assistant her responsibilities include receiving property maintenance concerns, sending correspondence related to Notices of Violations, and Citations, issuing permits, scheduling building inspections, and performing additional administrative duties as required. Additionally, Joette is the secretary for the Township of Spring’s Safety Committee.