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 Business Department Questions


  1. I don’t agree with the assessed market value of my property. Who can I call?Berks County Assessment Office (610) 478-6262 or Email: assessment@countyofberks.com
  2. What are the major sources of revenue for the budget?  Real Estate Taxes, Earned Income Tax, Business Privilege Tax, al Estate Transfer Tax and  Cable Franchise Fee are among the higher sources of revenue.
  3. Where can I review a copy of the Township’s Annual Financial Report or Budget?  Annual Financial Reports are available at the Township Business Office, 2850 Windmill Road, Reading  PA  19608
  4. Who do I call about business tax questions?  Wilson School District at 610-670-0180.
  5. How do I file a complaint?  Depending on the type of complaint you are calling about you would want to contact that department directly. Property Maintenance complaints must be completed in writing by using the form in the Documents Section of this website under Property Maintenance or completing the form in person at the Municipal Building.
  6. Who do I call if my Trash or Recycling is not picked up?  Please contact the Business Office 610-678-5393 and listen for the prompt.
  7. Where can I pay my Real Estate Taxes or Per Capita Taxes?  Township and County Real Estates are issued in March and can be paid at the Township of Spring Tax Collector Office located at 2850 Windmill Road or thru the mail.
  8. Where do I pay my school taxes? Wilson School Taxes and Per Capita Taxes issued in June can be paid at the Fulton Bank or thru the mail.
  9. How can I figure out what I will pay in taxes on my property?
2024 Township  Tax Structure 3.25 mill (0.00325)
 Fire Protection Tax 1.70 mill (0.00170)
Street Light Tax $0.67/front foot improved
$.167/front foot unimproved
Fire Hydrant Tax 0.06 mill (0.00006)
Recycling Fee $80.00
Trash Collection Tax 1 Person = $95.00
2 People = $185.00
3 People = $265.00
Only households in the trash collection district

Township of Spring 2024 Budget & Tax Structure

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