FAQ-Fire Department

What are the Firefighter qualifications?
Anyone 16 years of age or older is encouraged and invited to join the Fire Department and become a Firefighter. Firefighters must complete rigorous training prior to participation in firefighting activities. Anyone interested in obtaining more details can contact the Fire Station or the Fire Chief at 610-898-1452 ext. 104

What is the Firefighter’s normal work schedule?
Volunteer firefighters may be called to duty at any time, day or night! Our eight Career Firefighters staff the station 24/7. They are broken down into four platoons with three on shift working 24hrs then 72hrs off.

How can I support my local fire department?
By volunteering, we have non-firefighting personnel who assist at fires with Fire Prevention and Fire Police.

Who do I call to report a fire hazard?
Fire Marshal’s Office: 610-678-5393 ext. 1360

What are the rules and regulations for outdoor burning?
There is no open burning allowed in the Township.

We would like a tour of a fire station. Who should I contact?
Contact the Fire Station at 610-898-1452 ext. 6

How can we get fire fighters to attend a function that we are holding? Or, how do I go about booking the Service’s “Fire Safety Trailer” for our event?
Contact the Fire Station at: 610-898-1452 ext. 6

Where do I get a copy of the Township of Spring Fire Code?
The Township has adopted the International Fire Code, 2018 Edition in its entirety. Copies are available in any library or you can stop by the Township Office to review the particular code of interest.

Is open burning allowed in the Township of Spring?

Does the Fire Service fill swimming pools or flood ice rinks?
No, these activities have been restricted by the water company.

11. Does the Fire Service pump out basements?

How do I dispose of hazardous materials in my garage/shed?
The County has two days set aside each year for the disposal of hazardous materials. Watch your local newspaper for dates, times, and places or call the Berks County Recycling Center at 610-478-6362.

Can leaves and grass clippings be burned in the Township?

Who do I call with a burning complaint or question?
Fire Marshal’s Office: 610-678-5393 ext. 1360. If it is suspected that someone is burning illegally after normal business hours, call the Berks County Communications Center at 610-655-4911.

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