FAQ-Parks & Recreation

  1. I am interested in a recreation program. Where can I get more information on program availability registration dates, schedules, age restrictions, fees and the time and location of the program?
  2. Who do I call to reserve a pavilion/are to gain use of a facility?
  3. I am interested in working for the Department of Recreation and Parks. How can I find out about employment opportunities?
  4. How can I find information on the Township’s parks?
  5. Are there any internship or community service opportunities available within the Department?
  6. Can only Township of Spring residents join recreation programs or utilize facilities in the parks?
  7. How do I enroll in a program?
  8. How do I start a program?
  9. Who do I contact to report a maintenance problem at a park, playground or local open space in the Township?
  10. Who should I contact to have a sign posted or policy changed at a local park?
  11. My community or I would like to make an improvement at a local park site. How can I/we find out how to do so?
  12. What services are available to meet the specific needs of individuals with disabilities?
  13. What are the Township park rules and regulations for the parks?
  14. Are there any swimming pools in the Township?
  15. What parks allow dogs?
  16. Is alcohol permitted in the parks?

If I have any questions about parks and recreation in the Township who or how do I contact the Department?
You may call the Department at 610-678-5399 Ext. 2 or e-mail us at parksandrec@springtwpberks.org.

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