FAQ-Public Works

To Public Works Department

Public Works Questions


  1. Who should I contact concerning potholes or uneven pavement?
  2. Who should I contact concerning traffic speed, traffic lights, signs, etc.?
  3. What road and/or commercial/industrial projects are currently under construction and when will they be finished?
  4. The catch basin in front of my house is overflowing. Can it be cleaned out?
  5. How do I report a broken/uneven/cracked sidewalk?
  6. When will my street be plowed/cindered?
  7. Can I report a sidewalk that has not been cleared of snow?
  8. When will the alley behind my house be plowed?
  9. Can I have my street swept/flushed, it is dusty?
  10. Where can I obtain information on the Adopt-A-Road Program?

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