Fighting Snow and Ice with Beet Juice

The Spring Township Public Works Department has a new tool to use in their fight against snow and ice – Beet Juice! The beets used for this process are sugar beets, not the common red beets you might grow in your garden.

The Department will be experimenting with “Geomelt S8 Anti-Icing Liquid”, a product of CPI/Road Solutions based in Carmel, Indiana. It is a combination of de-sugared beet juice and sodium chloride brine. This solution is a ready-to-use, eco-friendly, all-natural treatment that will be sprayed directly on the road salt as it is dispensed from the truck’s salt spreader.

This beet-juice/brine combination reduces the bounce and scatter of the salt as it hits the roadway which should reduce the amount of salt that is needed. It will also reduce the amount of corrosion to the Township’s equipment and to traveling vehicles. By adding this solution to the road salt, it increases the salt’s efficiency because the solution’s freeze point is minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a dark brown color and has an odor and although it will change the color of the salt, it won’t stain equipment or vehicles.

Although this product is new to Spring Township and maybe even Berks County, beet juice has been used by many other states like Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana and Indiana for almost 15 years. The Public Works Department plans to test this product on the “country roads” in the southern end of the Township during the next winter weather event.

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