How to Win Money in Bitcoin Slots?

How to Win Money in Bitcoin Slots?

Every player has at least once wondered how to win at the best Bitcoin slots. But regular crypto casino players are always looking for different ways to increase their chances of winning. These are usually different systems, where you are asked to bet according to a certain algorithm and other tricks. However, this usually leads to one outcome-losing.

To learn how to increase your chances of winning, you need to follow some rules and follow the rules of bankroll management. You should not use betting strategies but rather learn the basic parameters. Sometimes, they are the ones that determine the probability of winning. Let’s take a look at these characteristics and find out how you can win real money at Bitcoin slots.

RTP as a Major Factor

When you play crypto slots, do you often think about the theoretical return on the game? This parameter directly indicates the profitability of the chosen slot. RTP stands for Return to Player. This is a measure of how much of the bet will be returned to the player. However, it is in theory. Typically a specified percentage of RTP indicates a value on a huge number of spins. Therefore, you may well get into a losing streak of spins and lose all the money. If you see 97% RTP, this means that for every 1 ETH/BTC you will get back 0.97 ETH/BTC. Again, this is only in theory.

To increase your chances of winning you should look for slots where the RTP is at least 96%. This is the best advice you could use to win. The lower the theoretical return, the lower your chances of winning. But, there are times when the RTP is low and the multiplier is high. This will make you play significantly longer, which will lead to losing.

Volatility and Multiplier Will Help You Win More Often

In addition to RTP, slots have parameters such as Volatility and Multipliers. These two variables depend on each other. There are three levels of volatility. You have to choose the one that suits you best. Here they are:

Low Volatility offers players multipliers up to about x2,500 and fairly frequent winnings. In other words, you will win more often, but they will be small
High Volatility can offer you multiplications of up to x50,000 of your bet. However, there is a significant disadvantage: you have to do a lot of spins to win. So slots with High Volatility have big winnings, but they are quite rare.

Medium Volatility is something in between Low and High. Here the maximum winnings can be as high as about x5,000. However, there is an excellent balance between winnings and frequency.

For beginners, it is advisable to choose Medium Volatility to avoid quick losses. Later on, you will be able to choose the slots you want.

How Can I Win Real Money at Bitcoin Slots?

It’s quite simple. You need to stick to strict rules, which will ultimately help you significantly increase your chances of winning in Ethereum online casinos. Some of the advice given above can be duplicated, but in general, the plan is this:

1. Choose slots where the RTP is at least 96%. This will help you stay with your money longer

2. Also make sure that they are Medium Volatility slots, because Low will not bring you any significant winnings, and High will simply spend all your money

3. Control your spending. The fact is that many people forget the ground rules and start to lose what they shouldn’t lose. So don’t gamble with the money you need

4. Choose only original games. They are only found on licensed crypto casinos sites

5. A final piece of advice would be to choose slots that have lots of different features. It is the prize rounds that bring out the biggest payouts.


It becomes obvious that winning real money at crypto slots is quite easy. However, you’ll still have to work hard at the beginning to learn how to determine volatility and choose games based on RTP. In addition, you’ll need the discipline you need to avoid losing money foolishly or in a fit of excitement. Use these guidelines and the winnings will be on your side!


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