The Township recently upgraded our utility billing software and enclosed this month you will find your new look sewer bill. Please take the time to review and familiarize yourself with the new bill format.

If you utilize a third party bill pay or online bill pay service for your utility payments, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER with those services to ensure the proper processing of your payment. The new account number is a 14 digit number while the old account number was only 9 digits. Also, please make sure not to use your meter number, your address, or your invoice number as your account number with these services.

The Fulton Bank Lockbox payment information has not changed. Continue to mail payments to the Township of Spring, P O Box 4548, Lancaster, PA 17604-4548. Walk-up payments can also still be made at any local Fulton Bank location.

If you are a tenant, please contact your landlord and have them call us if they are supposed to be receiving a courtesy copy of your bill to review.

If you are interested in paperless billing or ACH service, please call us at 610-678-5393 to enable those services.

If you have any questions regarding any information on the bill please call our office at 610-678-5393.

Again, please update your bill pay application to use your new 14 digit account number XX-XXXXXXXXX-XXX. (i.e. 01-24063000-001).

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