Township of Spring Permit Information

“The Township of Spring does not currently accept applications by email.
Please remit all applications in person, by mail, or by fax only.”

 Code Enforcement Department

In 2004, Spring Township officially adopted and elected to enforce the statewide building code known as The Uniform Construction Code. The UCC sets minimum standards for building and construction. As part of the Uniform Construction Code, the Township enforces the International Code Council’s series of Codes. The Township currently enforces the 2015 International Code Council Series of Codes.

The UCC requires an owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a residential building or erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace an electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system regulated by the Uniform Construction Code shall first apply to the building code official and obtain the required permit.

Building Permit Requirements


Building permits are required for most construction projects including but not limited to building new homes and businesses, additions, detached accessory structures, structural alterations, egress alterations, creating habitable space, building decks, roof over decks or porches, enclosing decks or porches, installing in-ground or above ground swimming pools and other mechanical, electric and plumbing repairs or alterations. A residential building permit is not required for wallpapering, painting, tiling, cabinetry, finishing work, siding, replacing shingles, and replacing same size windows and doors.

Building Application Instructions

Residential Building Permit

For projects including building a new house, putting on an addition, making structural alterations, or installing a detached accessory structure over 1000 sq ft, please fill out the Building Permit Application. If the project includes plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work, please fill out the associated permit applications and submit along with the Building Permit Application. Three sets of construction drawings should be submitted along with the Building Application.

Building Permit Application

Commercial Building Permit

When the project includes constructing a new commercial building or structure, adding on to a commercial building or making structural and or non-structural alterations to a commercial building, please complete the Commercial Building Application and submit the required 3 sets of drawings. If the project includes plumbing, mechanical and electric, please complete the associated applications and submit along with the Commercial Building Application.

Commercial Building Permit Application

Mechanical Permit

Please complete the mechanical application when installing and or replacing or altering heating/cooling equipment such as heaters, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fuel burning appliances, solar thermal and geothermal mechanical appliances and ac units. Please also complete the application when building a new home, additions, or creating conditioned space.

Mechanical Application

Plumbing Permit

Please complete the plumbing application when installing new plumbing fixtures, new drain lines and water lines within a house or business, and when installing or altering venting systems. Please complete the plumbing application when doing bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, additions involving plumbing, and new homes.  Note: In residential construction; swapping out an existing fixture with a brand new fixture located in the same exact location does not require a permit.

Plumbing Application

Electric Permit

Please complete the electrical application for any projects that include installing outlets, fixtures, electrical appliances, solar electric arrays or structures, generators, panel upgrades, electrical alterations, new homes, additions, finishing basements and or other rooms or spaces.

Electric Application

Basement Renovation Permit

Please complete this form when creating living space in the basement. Be sure to include the associated electrical, mechanical, and plumbing applications along with 3 sets of construction drawings.

 Basement Renovation Application

Minor Repairs and Renovation Permit

Please complete the Minor Repairs and Renovation Application when making minor repairs and or renovations. Please be sure to describe the work in detail including dimensions and specifications and or include construction drawings.  For minor structural projects which include girders and beams, please be sure to include the size, and span of the proposed beam/girder.

  Minor Repairs and Renovation Application

Minor Additions / Sunroom Permit

If you plan to enclose a deck or porch with walls, windows or screens and or install a sunroom, please complete this Minor Addition/Sunroom application. Please be sure to include construction drawings and a plot plan of the property showing setback distances to property lines.

Minor Additions / Sunrooms Application

Curb / Sidewalk / Driveway Apron Application

Please complete the Curb / Sidewalk/ Driveway Apron application when installing or replacing Curb, sidewalk and or driveway aprons that abut a public street.  Curbs, sidewalks and driveway aprons are required to comply with the Township of Spring Standard Specifications.  Please refer to the Township of Spring Standard Specifications listed below.

Curb / Sidewalk / Driveway Apron Application           Township of Spring Standard Specs for Curb & Sidewalk

Deck & Porch Permit

Please complete the deck/porch application prior to constructing a deck, porch, patio, front stoop, landing and stairs all whether roofed or not. Please be sure to include the required drawings listed on page 2 of the application. For Zoning setback information please refer to Section 405(F) on page 221 of the Township Zoning Ordinance.

The American Wood Council has put together a prescriptive construction manual for wood decks based on the 2015 International Residential Code.

Deck Submittal Guide
Applicant procedures for completing the application, process of obtaining a permit and
information regarding building code requirements.

Deck & Porch Application


Roof Over Porch Application

For construction that includes building a roof over a patio, deck or porch, please complete the Roof Over Porch Application.  Please answer the questions on page one of the application and provide a plot plan of the property showing the location of the structure and the setback distances to the property lines.  Please also submit 3 copies of the structural drawings for review. One set of plans will be kept on file at the Township, one set will be given to the inspector, and one set will be returned to the applicant.  Roofs that attach to the house for support must have frost protected footings to prevent heaving and racking.

Roof Over Porch Application


Post Frame / Pole Building

Please complete the Pole Building Application if you plan on constructing a detached post & frame structure greater than
1000sq ft.  Please answer the questions on page one of the application.  Please provide a plot plan of the property showing the
location of the structure and the setback distances to the property lines.  Please also submit 3 copies of the building plans for review.

One set of plans will be kept on file at the Township, one set will be given to the inspector, and one set will be returned to the applicant.  If plumbing, heating or electric will be installed, please complete and submit the appropriate applications along with the Pole Building Application.

Post Frame Pole Building Permit Application


Swimming Pool Permit

Pools with the ability to hold more than 24 inches of water require a Pool Permit. Please complete the swimming pool application prior to purchasing a pool. Please complete the application and be sure to submit the required drawing. Please note that swimming pools require a dedicated electric outlet to run the pump equipment and proper barrier protection.
: For Additional information pertaining to Swimming Pool Building Codes please visit

Pool Zoning Requirements
                                Swimming Pool Application

Fence Permit

Please apply for a fencing permit if you plan on installing a new fence, relocating or extending an existing fence, and when replacing or altering a fence that protects a swimming pool.

Zoning Ordinance      Barrier requirements for Pools

Fence Permit Application

Sewer Lateral Permit

Please complete the sewer lateral application when making repairs to and or installing a new sewer lateral.  Sewer laterals are required to conform to the Township of Spring Standard Specifications.  Please refer to the Specifications listed below or on the back of the permit application.

Sewer Lateral Application       Township Lateral Specifications

Utility Building Permit

Please complete this form when installing sheds and or other detached accessory structures under 1000 sq ft in size such as carports, garages, and similar structures. For structures over 1000 sq ft in size, please complete the Building Permit Application. Please refer to Section 324(C)(1) of the Township Zoning Ordinance for Accessory Structure requirements.

Utility Building/Shed Permit Application

Driveway Permit

Driveway permits are required when installing new driveways, and when enlarging or widening existing driveways.  Residential driveways are required to be setback a minimum of 2 feet from the side and rear property line.  Residential driveway entrances shall not exceed 20 feet in width at its connection with the street.  Please refer to page 299 of the Township Zoning Ordinance for additional information regarding driveways.  Driveway Aprons and sidewalks located within a driveway entrance shall be installed in accordance with the Township of Spring Standard Specifications.

Driveway Application       Township of Spring Standard Specs for Curb & Sidewalk

Home Occupation Permit

Please complete the Home Occupation Application if you plan on running a business from your home. A Home Occupation must clearly be incidental or secondary to the residence. Please refer to Section 324(C)(6) on page 209 of the Township Zoning Ordinance for Home Occupation regulations.

Home Occupation Application

Sign Permit Application

Please complete a sign application if your projection entails installing a new permanent or temporary wall mounted and or freestanding sign, or altering, enlarging or moving an existing sign. Please refer to Part 6 titled Signs on page 270 of the Township Zoning Ordinance.

Sign Permit Application


Zoning Application

For Zoning Projects other than the items listed above or change of use requests, please complete the general Zoning Application.

Zoning Permit Application

Dumpster Permit

Prior to placing a dumpster or POD within the right-of-way of a public road, please apply for a dumpster permit. Please give a minimum of 2 days notice prior to having the dumpster placed. Multiple departments must be contacted to ensure the proper placement of the dumpster for health safety reasons, road work schedules and parades. For more information regarding placing a dumpster in the street, please refer to the Dumpster Ordinance.

Dumpster Ordinance

Dumpster Permit Application

Demolition Permit

Prior to the demolition of a building or structure, please apply for a demolition permit. Please be sure to include the square footage of the structure for Residential Buildings and the cubic footage for Commercial Structures.

Demolition Permit Application

Application to the Board of Supervisors

The application to the Board of Supervisors should be completed when requesting changes to the Zoning Ordinance, filing an appeal to a planning commission action, when filing for a Curative Amendment and to request a Conditional Use Hearing.

Application to the Board of Supervisors

Zoning Appeals, Variances & Special Exceptions

Any municipality enacting a zoning ordinance must also create a zoning hearing board (ZHB). The primary purpose of such a board is to help assure fair and equitable application and administration of the zoning ordinance by hearing appeals on the zoning officer’s determinations and by granting relief from the literal enforcement of the ordinance in certain hardship situations.

The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body, consisting of three regular members and one alternate member, all of whom are residents of the Township of Spring. Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors and shall serve 3-year terms. During their tenure, members of the Zoning Hearing Board are not permitted to hold any other office in the municipality.  Hearings and meetings of the Board shall be held at the call of the chairman upon receipt of a hearing application and at such other times as the Board, by majority vote, may determine.

For additional Information regarding the Zoning Hearing Board and its functions, the process for appeals, variances, and special exceptions, please refer to Section 804 – 807 of the Township of Spring Zoning Ordinance.

This application should be completed when requesting any of the following: an appeal from the Township Zoning Officer, a Special Exception, a Variance, an Agricultural Permit, a Temporary Permit, or when challenging a boundary of a Zoning District.

Zoning Hearing Board Application

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