Property Transfer

Property Transfer Information

The Township has a Property Transfer Ordinance. Ordinance 341 was enacted and ordained by the Board of Supervisors and went into effect on August 1st, 2007.

The Township wants to ensure all single and multiple family dwellings meet certain zoning and property maintenance requirements prior to the property transfer. In order to effectively and efficiently ensure the dwelling units are in compliance, the Township Code Enforcement Officer must inspect each property before the transfer of title.

Applications for the Property Transfer Inspections can be completed by the seller, buyer, or agent for the seller or buyer of the property. Applications shall be filed with the Code/Zoning Office no later than thirty (30) business days prior to settlement and/or transfer of ownership.  A one hundred fifty dollar ($150.00) inspection fee shall be charged for each property inspected, and must accompany the application form.  Applications received less than fifteen (15) business days prior to settlement and/or transfer of ownership, shall be accompanied by a two hundred and fifty dollar ($ 250.00) inspection fee per the adopted fee schedule.

Upon receipt of the completed application, the Code Enforcement Officer shall, within ten (10) business days, inspect the following:

  • Utility and Storm Drainage Easements and Road Rights-of-Way must be clear of all obstructions, including those resulting from landscaping.
  • Fences must be properly permitted, and meet the required setback and yard requirements. They must be in good repair and of proper height (with self-closing and a latching gate if used as a barrier for a pool).
  • Pools and Spas must be properly permitted, located according to setback and yard requirements, in good repair, contain no stagnant water, and must be properly fenced.
  • Sheds must be properly permitted, placed in accordance with setback and yard requirements and in the proper location.
  • Decks must be properly permitted, comply with attachment, baluster spacing and railing height requirements, and placed according to proper setback and yard requirements.
  • Sanitary sewer connections are in such condition as to prevent and/or control inflow and infiltration of waters into the sanitary sewer collection system.
  • Dwelling units reconcile with the maximum number of units permitted according to Township records.
  • Proper sump pump discharge locations are adequate and properly placed.
  • The type, location and number of smoke detectors have been verified.
  • All non-residential uses conform with Township records.
  • Verify the number of bedrooms.

The Seller and Buyer’s signatures are required to acknowledge they have read and understood the inspection report. Additionally, both signatures indicate they agree to correct any deficiencies listed on the report. A Property Transfer Certificate will be issued when all deficiencies are completed, which may take place before or after settlement.

The Property Transfer Inspection is limited to exterior observable conditions only.

Property Transfer FAQ

Soon after you decide to sell your home is the best time to have the inspection done. The inspection report must be disclosed to and signed by the buyer, so an early inspection will allow for more time if you have to correct any unapproved items.

The inspection is exterior only and there is no need to schedule a time or be present for the inspection as long as the inspector will have access to the backyard. If you want to be present please add a note to the application and provide a contact number.

No. As long as the buyer is willing to purchase the property and the responsibility to make the required corrections. An addendum to the agreement of sale will normally resolve responsibility, and financial matters for the corrections.