Snow Removal

The Snow Removal Process:

The Maintenance Staff will begin salting and cindering operations as soon as deemed necessary. Once the snow/ice accumulates to approximately four (4) inches or more, the snow-plowing operations will begin. Many factors, including but not limited to short and long range weather forecasts, current road conditions, time of day and available equipment and materials, are considered when making the decisions regarding winter road maintenance.

As Mother Nature reminded all of us last year, there isn’t always a warming or melting period in between snow storms. In order to provide space for these

additional snow falls, the staff will make every attempt to plow open the roads from curb to curb in residential areas and back to the edges of the roads in rural areas. Vehicles that are parked on the streets or in cul-de-sacs prevent us from being able to do this. As additional snow falls and freezes on these rows of snow, they become impossible to move, grow larger and restrict the travel lanes. Whenever possible, please park vehicles in your driveway.

During storms, please keep children, pets and yourself out of the streets. Sledding in the streets is dangerous for everyone.

Our staff works long hours to clear the roads in a timely manner and to keep the traveling public safe. We appreciate your cooperation.

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