Nov 20

Township Parks – Open on Thanksgiving Day!

Since you may not be traveling or having a house full of guests for the holiday, why not take some time and go for a walk in the park?  Cacoosing Meadows Park invites you to “go over the river” and enjoy a stroll along the creek while you listen for various birds and water fowl who call the park their home.  If you want to “go through the woods”, Shiloh Hills Park has a newly paved section of trail from the parking lot to the Environmental Education Center.  From the Center you can take a gravel trail down “through the woods” and loop back up to the paved trail.  There is also a paved trail around the sports field if you prefer a more level trail out in the sunshine!

Whether you go “over the river” or “through the woods”, you won’t find Grandma’s house at either park, but you can always send her a selfie of you and your family out enjoying your parks on Thanksgiving Day!