Trash & Recycling

Township of Spring 2024 Recycling & Trash Schedule

Beginning January 1, 2018, there will be two different trash and recycling haulers traversing the Township on a daily basis as a result of the recently awarded five-year trash and recycling contract. Eagle Disposal of PA, Inc. has been awarded the curbside trash collection portion of the contract and Waste Management will remain as our curbside recycling collection contractor.


Each residence will receive ONE (1) GREEN 96 Gallon Toter for Recycling  and ONE (1) BLUE 96 Gallon Toter for Trash. Please note that these toters are the property of the trash and recycling haulers and not the Township itself. They must remain at the property location if you would vacate the residence for any reason.

All items (except an allowed large bulk trash item) MUST be placed inside the toters in order for it to be collected by the haulers.

Please place the toters out by the curb/grass area of the street the evening before your corresponding collection day.

2024 Recycling & Trash Schedule
  1. Remove and discard the paint can lid.
  2. Make sure the paint can is 1/2 full or less. (if the can is more than 1/2 full, pour excess into another container, like a milk jug or coffee can.)
  3. Add clay-based kitty litter or absorbent material so that the can is about 3/4 full.
  4. Stir paint/kitty litter mixture.
  5. If liquid paint remains, add more kitty litter.
  6. Allow paint/kitty litter mixture to air dry until hard. (Should take approximately 1-2 days)
  7. Dispose of can in the garbage without the lid. NOTE: DO NOT PUT THE LID BACK ON THE PAINT CAN! Cans will not be picked up by your trash hauler if they can’t see the paint is dry.

Still have questions? Please call the Business Office at 610-678-5393 or the Berks County Solid Waste Authority at 610-478-6362 or their website at

PA Act 108 of 2010 effective January 1, 2013 bans the disposal of TV’s, computers, computer equipment, printers, scanners, keyboards, mouses, speakers, cables etc.


For disposal alternatives contact the Berks County Solid Waste Authority 610-478-6362 or go to their website

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Recycling with single-stream technology is helping communities recycle more waste from their garbage collection. Waste Management is on a mission to drive environmental performance with solutions that minimize waste, recycle valuable resources, and create renewable energy. We are investing in single-stream technology and building recycling facilities, like the Philadelphia Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), to help extract the highest possible value from the materials we manage.

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The Township of Spring is mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to conduct a recycling program.  Collection of recycling is scheduled on an every-other week basis.

We now do Single Stream Recycling, this means your recyclables can be placed together in same bin.

  • Glass: Clear, green, brown
  • Steel and Aluminum Cans
  • Plastic: All plastic in a bottled form, i.e. water, milk, soda, laundry and cleaning products (PETE + HDPE #1 thru # 7)
  • Newspaper, Magazines, Catalogs, Junk Mail – Place these items in a brown paper bag. (NO PLASTIC BAGS)
  • Cardboard: Must be bundled in lengths less than 18 in. x 18 in. x 24 in.
    Large Quantities of Cardboard – call (610) 678-5393.
  • Trash Carts (Single Family Dwelling & Multi-Unit Dwelling): The Township has provided you with one 96 Gallon Cart for your curbside trash collection service.  Last year we had been contacted by a number of our residents to request additional carts for trash and in some cases it has been observed by the haulers that additional carts for some residents may also be needed based on the volume being left at the curb on a weekly basis. In order to address these situations, the Board of Supervisors has approved an annual charge for additional cart(s) at $185.00 for each additional cart. The fee covers both the curb-side collection costs as well as the landfill disposal costs of the additional waste being generated. If you feel you are in need of additional cart(s), arrangements can be made by contacting the Township at 610-678-5393. Once fees are received, the Township will coordinate the cart(s) being delivered to your home directly with the hauler.
  • Recycling Carts (Single Family Dwelling): The Township provided you with one 96 Gallon Cart for your curbside recycling service. If you are in need of an additional cart due to the volume of your recyclables, please contact the Township at 610-678-5393 to coordinate the delivery of the additional cart. Single Family dwellings will not incur any additional annual costs for the second recycling cart. Single Family dwellings are limited to a total of two recycling carts.
  • Recycling Carts (Multi-Unit Dwelling): The Township provided you with one 96 Gallon Cart for your curbside recycling service. If you are in need of an additional cart(s) due to the volume of your recyclables, please contact the Township at 610-678-5393 to coordinate payment arrangements and the delivery of the additional cart(s). Multi-Unit properties may incur an annual $80/cart fee for each additional cart requested, if not currently included on your annual tax bill. Once any additional fees are received, the Township will coordinate the cart(s) being delivered to your location directly with the hauler.
  • Trash and/or Recycling Request for Refund Form: In the event you were over charged for Trash and or Recycling on your tax bill, the Tax Collector or Township Business Office may direct you to complete the Trash/Recycling Request for Refund Form.  When submitting the form to the Township, be sure to include a copy of the current paid tax bill.

In accordance with the provisions of PA State Act 101, all persons owning, leasing, operating, managing and/or otherwise controlling commercial or institutional establishments within the Township of Spring, shall recycle the following:

  • Office Paper
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Corrugated Paper
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • PET Plastics
  • Newsprint
  • HDPE Plastics
  • Commingled Items

Reports must be filed with the Township of Spring no later than January 30th of each year indicating the types and weights of the materials recycled during the previous year. Business owners must supply the above information on letterhead from their trash hauler.

Your cooperation is needed in order to reach our recycling goals. Please contact the Township at 610-678-5393 if you have any questions regarding these requirements.