Trash / Recycling Cart Exchange

Cart Size:

  • The Township of Spring recently awarded new five-year trash and recycling collection contracts. As part of these new contracts, we have changed to a toter collection system and have provided to each tax parcel with a dwelling unit on the parcel, one (1) 96 gallon trash and one (1) 96 gallon recycling cart to be used for curbside collection. If you are interested in swapping your 96 gallon cart for a smaller cart due to mobility issues, storage issues, etc., if you have not already done so, please contact the Township at 610-678-5393 to put your name and address on the list for exchange. The Township will contact you to schedule the swap once the process has been coordinated with the hauler. At this time, the swap is scheduled to occur during the March/April timeframe and will only occur one time. Please also note that if you do decide to opt for a smaller cart, you will not be allowed to change your mind after the exchange and moving forward, all trash and recyclables will be required to be inside the approved container (except for the allowed weekly bulk item) in order for them to be removed by the hauler.

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