Zoning Hearing Board

Any municipality enacting a zoning ordinance must also create a zoning hearing board (ZHB). The primary purpose of such a board is to help assure fair and equitable application and administration of the zoning ordinance by hearing appeals on the zoning officer’s determinations and by granting relief from the literal enforcement of the ordinance in certain hardship situations.

The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body, consisting of three regular members and one alternate member, all of whom are residents of the Township of Spring. Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors and shall serve 3-year terms. During their tenure, members of the Zoning Hearing Board are not permitted to hold any other office in the municipality.  Hearings and meetings of the Board shall be held at the call of the chairman upon receipt of a hearing application and at such other times as the Board, by majority vote, may determine.

For additional Information regarding the Zoning Hearing Board and its functions, the process for appeals, variances, and special exceptions, please refer to Section 804 – 807 of the Township of Spring Zoning Ordinance.

Zoning Hearing Board Application


Zoning Hearing Board Members

Brad Schaefer

Mitch Darcourt
Emily McNulty


2024 Meeting Dates

January 17  – A

February 14 – A

May 29 – A

June 26 – A




Solicitor – Frederick R. Mogel, Esquire

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